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The Frameworks are successful because lowest price tendering is replaced with long-term relationships between clients, professionals and contractors, formed around shared objectives and common values.

Collaborative working at its best! The result is less waste, less duplication, local engagement and greater efficiency & all generating better value for money.


The NWCH was established in 2009 in response to Central Government’s drive to improve efficiencies within the public sector.

It is led by a Board comprising of representatives from public sector organisations across the North West. The legal entity behind NWCH is Manchester City Council.

We offer three Construction Frameworks

All of which were re-procured with enhancements during 2014/5

1 high value £9m+ 2 medium value £2m-£9m 3 low value £500k-£2m
The NWCH was established in 2009 in response to Central Government’s drive to improve efficiencies within the public sector.

It is led by a Board comprising of representatives from public sector organisations across the North West. The legal entity behind NWCH is Manchester City Council.



The client pays no direct fee to use the re-procured frameworks. The Framework Management Fee is now recovered from the Constructor Partner through their competitively tendered overheads percentage upon appointment to a project.


The type of contract can be selected by the client so long as it is partnering and collaborative; procurement can take place from RIBA Stage 0 through to Stage 4, according to the needs of the project.


The first framework became active in 2010, followed shortly after by two more. All three frameworks have now been re-procured. The percentage of repeat clients is very high.


A rigorous pre-qualification process already undertaken saves the client time and effort. Furthermore, this enables the appointment of a contractor in a minimum of six weeks if the programme is demanding.


The frameworks were procured through an OJEU compliant process.


A rigorous selection process to appoint Constructor Partners to the frameworks was undertaken which included both price and quality. Open book accounting principles enable client commercial managers to ensure that competitive best value rates are obtained in all instances.


The frameworks have been developed and revised (through comprehensive consultation) by public sector organisations who understand the needs of their peers.


Project benefits can be tailored to each project, over and above the core KPIs which cover elements of social value and sustainability.


The government will require all public funded projects to have BIM Level 2 (with collaborative working) from 2016. The construction industry is on a journey in adopting and developing BIM. All contractors had to evidence where on the journey they are up to, with an expectation for confirming development to meet future client demand.


The NWCH team support the client (or their advisers) giving guidance on the preparation of the Expression of Interest and the Mini Competition.


NWCH is a partner and active supporter of the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) which is working together with the Local Government Association (LGA) to shape and promote best practice in using 2-stage collaborative frameworks, and to help shape the future of the national procurement strategy.


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established to deliver the Construction Strategy agenda covering topics such as Supply Chain, BIM and Training & Employment.


Contractor performance is monitored by the NWCH throughout the framework against a set of agreed KPI's. Contractor Partners will be subject to the suspension and termination clause outlined within the Framework Agreement.


All Contractor Partners have demonstrated a commitment to delivering social, economic and environmental sustainability and are ready to work with Clients to achieve deliver added value tailored to your local community needs.


The client does not pay the NWCH to use the Frameworks. The Framework Management fee is recovered from the Constructor Partner upon appointment to a project. This was part of their competitively tendered overheads percentage.

A mini-competition is held with Constructor Partners who have confirmed they have capacity and capability to deliver the scheme. This is issued by the Client, with support from the NWCH team.

The Frameworks offer a quick and efficient route to Contractors. With Construct Only projects, the client continues to employ the design team, and with Design and Build, the contractor will employ a design team. The design team can form part of the mini-competition.

Any collaborative and partnering Contract can be used.

The Constructor Partners were selected after a rigorous process which included both price and quality. Overhead and profit rates were competitive at the time and in a rising market will become more so. Open book accounting principles ensure that competitive best value rates are obtained on subcontractor packages.

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Contact the NWCH team and sign the Agreement. You are immediately able to start using the Frameworks.


We invite clients to regular meetings to discuss a range of topics and encourage feedback.

Our constructor partners lead on a number of Special Interest Groups all of which are focussed on improving performance and services.

Our client base has developed over the lifetime of the frameworks and now includes Local Authorities, Local Government, Blue Light Authorities, Universities and Colleges, NHS Foundation Trusts, Housing Trusts, Transport Boards, Free Schools and Academies.

We understand the importance of peer recommendation, and happily refer new clients to existing clients if requested.