Ways to contact the NWCH Team


NWCH Framework Lead

Joanna Chomeniuk  0161 219 6213  j.chomeniuk@manchester.gov.uk


Commercial Manager

Rob Binks  0161 219 6241  r.binks@manchester.gov.uk


Capital Procurement Category Manager

John Finlay  0161 219 6530  j.finlay@manchester.gov.uk


KPI & Performance Manager

Wendy Heaton  0161 219 6503  w.heaton@manchester.gov.uk


Business Development Manager

Olenka Brain  07739 955 615  o.brain@manchester.gov.uk


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Kindly note...

All supply chain enquiries should be emailed to nwch@manchester.gov.uk where you will be emailed contacts from each Framework partner who manages supply chain’s enquiries.

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